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 Austin American Statesmen

I heard about Bonnie very soon after I came to Austin, via my patients. She is almost an Austin institution--if you have had chemotherapy here, it is very likely that you know her! Bonnie does an amazing job of providing comfort to patients at the most difficult time, right before they begin treatment. Hair loss is a hard obstacle to overcome. Bonnie takes this toxicity and turns it into an opportunity for laughter and empowerment. She also attends almost every cancer-related event in the city (taking pictures at every one); she views her role as long term. My patients appreciate this special treatment, and I am grateful for it.

Dr. Beth Hellerstedt MD

Dear Bonnie,

When I saw your picture and story on the FRONT page of the Statesman last week, it was like all was right in the world. It was so joyous to see Austin recognize the very special person you are and all the contributions you make to so many with your amazing spirit and humor, dear Bonnie. I hope you have been bathing in all the positive love coming back your way. I am honored to know you and have been one of the many you've touched and helped along this journey.

Much love,

Dear Bonnie,

I can think of no one else who exemplifies the "service with a heart" more than you, BonKnee! I've been coming to you for about 3 1/2 years and each time, I walk away feeling better about my self, my health and my future.

The very first time when I walked into your shop, I was so afraid that nothing would help me with my hair loss and I would just have to endure it. All of a sudden, this wonderful, laughing, sensitive woman with blonde hair and purple streaks came forward and said, "Boy! You need some hair! Let me get you some!" You made my sadness turn into joy and confidence. You made me feel like I was not the only one on this planet that needed a bit of help in the hair department. All of a sudden, I was looking at myself and I saw me 20 years ago before the cancer and the aging. Your gentleness, your jokes, your caring. Money cannot buy that - I can always get another hairpiece, but I will never have another Bonnie.

Thank you for making my life so much better.

Mary Kay

PS I LOVE the new wig that I got last month!!!!! The color and the style are "me". Once again, you came to the rescue! Love and hugs to you - never doubt the fact that you help hundreds of women like me every day of your life.

Hi Bonnie

The lady that walked up to you at chemo said she recognized you instantly when you walked into the room, and she was so touched by your story in the newspaper that she said she just had to come talk to you and tell you how much you meant to her. She said she wanted to thank you personally for everything you have done and the career you have made supporting women with breast cancer. She said you were such an inspiration to her and she was so glad to get to meet you in person, and wanted to encourage you to keep doing everything that you do to help women fighting cancer.

Just wanted you to have this, since you said you were crying and couldn't remember it all!!