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"Your Satisfaction Is Our Success"
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Dj G
Monday, October 1, 2012
Number ONE Wig Shop in Austin!
Having been diagnosed with breast cancer and going through chemo I had been shopping for that "perfect" wig for 2 grueling and depressing weeks. I had several other bad experiences at other wig stores. I then walked into Abba Wigs and was immediately impressed with how clean and professional and well cared for the establishment looked; the shop was immaculate, classy and up to date. The mother and daughter staff were compassionate, very helpful and extremely knowledgeable, they were just awesome! The wig I purchased was "the one" and was styled and cut to fit my face perfectly. The value was also excellent! Thank you Abba Wigs for your patience, kindness and thoughtfulness at this difficult time, I appreciate all you did and I will be back!
Recommended: Yes

I had been slowly losing my hair for several years because of a genetic condition and none of the products for hair growth were helping, when a friend recommended Sal at Abba Wigs.  (I didn't even realize the friend wore a wig!)  I was hesitant at first, but Sal was very patient and understanding.  Her experience really showed because she ordered a hairpiece made with just the right color of human hair and then styled it to blend in with my natural hair.  It looks great and now I'm not self-conscious about the thinness of my hair.  I only wish I had taken this step a long time ago!  It's not hard to take care of -- I have followed her instructions carefully and it has already lasted over a year. I just clip it on each morning, brush it through, and off I go. I am so grateful to have found Abba Wigs and for Sal's knowledge and kindness.  I have recommended them to three friends undergoing cancer treatments, but she also helps women like me who are dealing with genetic hair loss.  Any woman who is having hair loss needs to know about Abba Wigs!  Thank you, Sal!


My husband and I are on the go a lot and I got tired of fixing my hair and my husband
got tired of waiting on me.  This is when I started searching on line for a wig. On line is
fine, but I needed to see what I was buying and picking a color.  Found a local wig shop
Abba Wigs. I am a firm believer in reviews and Abba Wigs had good reviews. I can see
why, my experience was Great!!  Sal at Abba Wigs was patience and caring. Being my first
wig, I wasn't sure what I wanted?  Sal was so helpful, she listened and also helped with
her expertise. I felt comfortable and not rushed at all. I bought a wig and a topper. I wear
my topper a lot and I have had so many complements. My husband likes them both. 
A very special thank you to Sal, she gave me a new lease on life or at least my life is less
Stressful!!  If anyone is looking for a wig, go to Abba Wigs. I'll be back! 
Thank You again!

Created on 04/15/13

my wife Joy and I visited them the first time. We are very impressed with their positive attitude and friendly approach, which is the right spirit of true professionalism and customer service. They also helped and taught us some new ways to take care of our hairs as well as the wigs.We can very easily recommend to our friends. We ourselves would go there again. Thank You and God Bless you all and your business.

L*** R**

I recently moved here and was in need of a new wig. I found Abba wigs online and it was such a blessing to have found them. Araceli and her daughter are very helpful and nice and willing to help you. They make you feel very comfortable. They are not pushy on selling their products and give you advice on how to care for your wig. I have been to several wigs salons and had never been treated as Abba wigs has. They are such great people and a total blessing to those that meet them. I'm so grateful to have found such caring people.Hair is so important to us ladies but when you have alopecia you sure do want someone that cares and is not just there for the money. I'm so thankful to Aracely and her daughter for their help

by brown.j****
9/17/2011 I visited Abba Wigs today for the first time, and I was very pleasantly surprised by the friendliness, patience, and caring attitude of the owner, Araceli Franco (Sal). I had visited a different salon earlier in the day, and walked out because one of the workers berated me for "touching" a wig. What a difference in attitude at Abba!!! It has been many years since I purchased a wig, and Sal took the time to instruct me in the proper care of my new wig, and recommended care products. Best of all, my husband loves my new wig !! Thank you again, Sal.

by I**** McDonald
Abba wigs is a one of a kind wig experience. Austin is very lucky to have such a shop. I have been wearing wigs for 10 years due to a medical condition. Araceli has taken care of my needs for the last 5 years. She is a very confident and talented stylist. She will spend as much time as you need to make the right choice .There have been times when I was tired of the style but couldn't afford a new one. Araceli is terrific at recreating a new perfect look. Araceli and her daughter make a great team.They make you feel right at home in their beautiful new salon. Her selection of wigs is enormous compared to other local salons.When you leave Abba wigs you feel like the most beautiful woman in Austin. Thank you Araceli and Brenda!

by austin_j*****
As an African American I got tired of going to black wig shops (not salons) and not finding the quality in the wigs. I pulled up on line to find some other wig locations in Austin, that is when I saw a wig salon called Abba wigs. I went to her salon and I was greatly surprised in the quality and the selection of wigs. I bought one that I really love. Araceli is really awesome and she made me feel really comfortable. She took the time and gave me that personal attention for a great fit which I previously had problems with. If you are looking for quality I would definitely recommend Abba wig salon.

by fc*****
I have been wearing a wig full time for several years (5-7 years) due to extreme thinning (balding!) on the top of my head. I think I have gone to every wig salon/store in Austin and one in the DFW area before I recently went to Abba Wigs. At one Austin salon I was left sitting with my wig off (in full view) while the stylist dealt with the UPS man. At another salon I was measured, fitted, and pressured to buy a permanent system that cost waaay more than I could afford -- and I didn't even ask for that system! Shopping for a new wig has always been such an uncomfortable experience which I DREADED!!

That was before I went to Abba Wigs. I went there to get a wig reconditioned, but after talking to Araceli, decided to purchase a wig similar to my original one while it was being reconditioned. Unlike other wig salons, the client chairs are completely private at Abba Wigs and Araceli is so helpful. She is the first stylist to instruct me on how to correctly put a wig on! (My wig feels so much more secure now!) I tried on a some other wigs and I never felt like Araceli was trying to talk me into a wig I didn't care for or was growing impatient with my indecision (feelings I've had at other salons). For the first time, I had FUN trying on wigs! Originally going in to leave a wig to be reconditioned, I ended up purchasing TWO wigs! I'm so excited about how they look on me and how they make me feel!

Araceli is very caring and friendly. She genuinely understands all the emotional vulnerability that occurs when you're trying to find just the right solution to your hair loss. And she did a great job reconditioning my original wig! Abba Wigs is a small salon, I think Araceli may be the only stylist, but that is why you will get her personal and complete attention. While a small salon, Abba Wigs still manages to have a lot of wigs on stock from which to choose.

Thanks, Araceli! I'm so happy with my experiences at Abba Wigs!


User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Ladies I am a newly diagnosed Breast Cancer Survivor and have found an amazing Wig Stylist named Araceli. She customized my wigs for me and fit them to my head so wonderfully. I feel amazing as I am a swing dancer and am very concious of my hair moving as I dance. And she fixed my way to large wig to fit my head. I was in tears when I lost my hair and now after six months of wearing a way to big wig I feel amazing and confident that my wig will stay on properly.

Also Araceli volunteers at the TX Oncology clinic on Baracones she shows ladies how to beautify themselves with make up and best part the most well known make up companies donate products for us.. Ladies free make up kits are wonderful..

So come on over and see Araceli and her daughter they are so friendly and helpful and made me look so beautiful and took the time to help me fix my eye brows.which have grown in after loosing them from the chemo treatment.

They have a large selection of wigs to choose from and the prices fix you budget..

So come on down ladies the new year is looking better and more beautiful with these lovely angles of hair styling wig cusomizing and make up care....
Lorraine Konon

May 12, 2010  

Simply The Best! I first went to Abba Wigs after being diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2009. Like many other cancer patients, I was still in shock over my diagnosis, but knew that I would have to go through chemo and would lose my hair. I was scared half to death to say the least. Having recently moved to Round Rock, I didn't know anyone, so I found Abba Wigs online. The very first time I visited, I just knew that Sal(Araceli) was the person I wanted to work with during this difficult time in my life. She was SO understanding and kind. She listened to everything I had to say and made me feel so comfortable during one of the most difficult times of my life. She helped me try to find the wigs that worked best for me and most importantly, the ones that I would feel comfortable wearing. The week my hair started falling out, Sal was out of town, so her daughter, Brenda, was the one who helped my husband&I as we went to her to have my hair shaved off. Brenda also was very kind and made us feel so comfortable. There was no "pressure" in the selling of the wigs. Sal and Brenda both enjoy helping people in tough situations and they are VERY sensitive to their clients needs. I appreciate them So much and will never forget them for their kindness! And by they way, I got compliments on my wig almost every single time I went out with it on. I am not kidding. It was SUCH a blessing and sure made a bald girl's day a whole LOT better!

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
by Mary
Araceli is a very kind and wonderful lady. She has a very large selection of wigs and hair pieces. She helped me out so much when another wig shop took my money. She spent a lot of time with me and made me feel so much better. Anyone that needs a wig or hairpiece needs to go to ABBA WIGS. She really is good at what she does.
Thank you Araceli

5 stars


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Great salon! Caring staff, good selection of wigs, good styling, and attractive, private space. 5 cheers!