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by austin_j*****


As an African American I got tired of going to black wig shops (not salons) and not finding the quality in the wigs. I pulled up on line to find some other wig locations in Austin, that is when I saw a wig salon called Abba wigs. I went to her salon and I was greatly surprised in the quality and the selection of wigs. I bought one that I really love. Araceli is really awesome and she made me feel really comfortable. She took the time and gave me that personal attention for a great fit which I previously had problems with. If you are looking for quality I would definitely recommend Abba wig salon.

by I**** McDonald


Abba wigs is a one of a kind wig experience. Austin is very lucky to have such a shop. I have been wearing wigs for 10 years due to a medical condition. Araceli has taken care of my needs for the last 5 years. She is a very confident and talented stylist. She will spend as much time as you need to make the right choice .There have been times when I was tired of the style but couldn't afford a new one. Araceli is terrific at recreating a new perfect look. Araceli and her daughter make a great team.They make you feel right at home in their beautiful new salon. Her selection of wigs is enormous compared to other local salons.When you leave Abba wigs you feel like the most beautiful woman in Austin. Thank you Araceli and Brenda!


Created on 04/15/13

my wife Joy and I visited them the first time. We are very impressed with their positive attitude and friendly approach, which is the right spirit of true professionalism and customer service. They also helped and taught us some new ways to take care of our hairs as well as the wigs.We can very easily recommend to our friends. We ourselves would go there again. Thank You and God Bless you all and your business.


My husband and I are on the go a lot and I got tired of fixing my hair and my husband 
got tired of waiting on me.  This is when I started searching on line for a wig. On line is
fine, but I needed to see what I was buying and picking a color.  Found a local wig shop
Abba Wigs. I am a firm believer in reviews and Abba Wigs had good reviews. I can see 
why, my experience was Great!!  Sal at Abba Wigs was patience and caring. Being my first 
wig, I wasn't sure what I wanted?  Sal was so helpful, she listened and also helped with 
her expertise. I felt comfortable and not rushed at all. I bought a wig and a topper. I wear 
my topper a lot and I have had so many complements. My husband likes them both.  
A very special thank you to Sal, she gave me a new lease on life or at least my life is less 
Stressful!!  If anyone is looking for a wig, go to Abba Wigs. I'll be back!  
Thank You again!

Patsy L.      Austin, TX


I must let everyone know that if you are looking for any kind of wig, hairpiece or topper, this is the place to go in Austin!  I found Abba through a Goggle search and I am so happy that I did.  They have a great selection of wigs and toppers in a very pleasant atmosphere.  But the icing on the cake is the great staff and their expertise.  I was blessed to have Sal as my stylist and consultant.  She is so amazing and truly makes every effort to advise you completely and style your final selection to perfection.  She does not try to just sell you something and rush you out to get to the next client.  She truly cares and takes the time to make sure all your questions are answered and you are happy and feel confident of your new hair!  I have been losing hair over the last several years due to stress and to have someone understand your predicament and take the time to help in such a caring way is true customer service.

Sal also informed me of service after the sale options such as wig care and any adjustments to length, etc.  I will definitely shop at Abba for all my hair needs in the future and recommend them to my friends.   Thank you, Sal!   I love this place!

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

by Mary


Araceli is a very kind and wonderful lady. She has a very large selection of wigs and hair pieces. She helped me out so much when another wig shop took my money. She spent a lot of time with me and made me feel so much better. Anyone that needs a wig or hairpiece needs to go to ABBA WIGS. She really is good at what she does. 
Thank you Araceli


Bonnie is a gem!  This was my first wig experience.  I have lichen planopillaris--a form of scarring hairloss.  I just made a consultation appointment to get educated.  Bonnie spent so much time with me and we even found my perfect first wig.  I wore it home!  Thanks so much Abba Wigs!


I found Abba Wigs on-line shortly after I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I wanted to purchase a nice wig to wear during my time of treatment.  I decided to continue working, so I needed something that looked and fit like my own hairstyle.  My husband was present for my wig fitting and purchase and was very impressed with the first wig I tried on!  I have since returned to Abba Wigs because I am delighted with their excellent and knowledgeable customer service.  My second visit was to purchase several hats to wear while I receive additional treatments for cancer and the ladies there were so very helpful with the wide variety of styles of headwear that are great looking and very comfortable!  I would highly recommend Abba Wigs to anyone!  I am very impressed and pleased with my experiences there.


I have been searching for a quality wig for some time now because my hair is thin, extremely processed, and has been breaking off. I did a google search because I wanted to go somewhere local where they could help me find something that looks natural at the couple hundred dollar price point.

As soon as I walked into this shop I knew I would have a great experience. Bonnie helped me find styles I was looking for, showed me how to put on and care for the wig, answered any questions I had, and was a pleasure to work with.

Abba Wigs is a wonderful shop with great customer service. Highly recommended if you're looking for a quality wig and wonderful service!


Bonnie with Abba Wigs is an absolute angel!  She is kind, compassionate and truly wants to help you during your cancer journey by finding the best wig for you.  Spending two hours with her was so much fun, and the wig we picked out together is just adorable!   Love, love, love Bonnie, and I would highly recommend her to everyone!!



Abba is amazing! It is an upscale shop run by 3 women who consider this not just a job or a career, but a true passion. I have been a client long enough to have worked with Cel, Brenda, and of course Bonnie. They are wonderful and supportive every step of the way and even make it fun. I have seen women come in for a wig for everything from cancer to the vacation of a lifetime where they just don't want to fuss about their own hair. They have so many choices for brands, colors, styles, human hair, synthetic or even blended. The price quoted is the price you pay, no extra charge for haircuts, clips, etc. etc. 
They can do just about anything you can think of to make it your own...cut it shorter, make it longer, add more hair, thin it out, make it straighter, make it curlier, you get the picture. When you leave, you will not have a cookie cutter look but your own natural looking good look. They are very generous with their time and skills, they will teach you how to do some things for yourself or do everything for you, and it's your choice. My own experience is that wigs last months longer with the professional products they sell. 
When you leave you will not only look good but you will feel good about yourself. What more could you expect? 

Hannah H.          Spring, TX


My mom was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and will be undergoing chemotherapy soon. Thankfully we found Abba Wigs. Sal and Bonnie are amazing and compassionate women. My sisters and I all went with my mom for the wig fitting, afraid that it would be difficult and, quite frankly, a mournful experience. But it was anything but! The shop/salon is very nice and atmosphere is upbeat. Sal is who helped my mom with her wig, which is absolutely beautiful and completely natural looking. She is very helpful with the care and maintenance for the wig, how to put the wig on, and styling tips. Abba wigs is definitely the place the go!


AWESOME place! Amazing, compassionate service! Do NOT go anywhere else for your wig!!!

Jessica K.         San Antonio, TX


What can I say? This place is top notch. After suffering from a considerable amount of hair loss due to Hashimotos and great stress, I was fed up. 
    After researching reviews and testimonials of wig salons in my area, I settled on Abba, as it seemed like the most logical choice that would meet my needs. I drove from San Antonio to Austin to meet with Sal. I expressed to her my concerns and she quickly brought back some toppers for me to try. We tried on a couple and then finally decided on a length. Then we went through and picked a color. I needed a base color so that my hairdresser was able to dye it back at my regular salon. I waited a week and drove back to see and get fitted for my topper. 

   We tried it on and I wanted to cry. I spend so much time trying to cover my thinning hair with headbands, bobby pins and Such, that I couldn't believe how easy this was. Waaaaay too easy. I knew immediately my new topper and I were going to have a wonderful relationship. Sal cut my hair and steamed it out, and showed me how to care for it. She made herself available for any questions should my hairdresser have in regards to coloring it. The entire shop was wonderful, these women really really rock. Please go here if you are looking for hair. 
      I would like to add, it's been 3 weeks since I have gotten my topper. You guys! I will wear this piece even after all my hair grows in. I wore it for 2 days before i finally had to tell my group of girlfriends I was wearing a topper. They couldn't believe it. I wore it around my mom for a week before I finally had to tell her. I get compliments daily on my hair. That is NO lie! My husband was blown away. This is the best investment I have made for myself in a long time!

I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS PLACE! It was clean and organized and soothing! The girls there were AMAZING! So sweet and helpful and gentle. No sales pitch or pushy attitudes.

They had a huge selection in every style and color and every single wig was amazing. Literally from the box to my head! No plucking, no need to make hair lines, no glue, no tape, no powdering the lace front, no clips digging into your head. I was about to give up on wigs because of all the frustration I was having.

The girls had the most flawless wigs I have seen, felt, and tried on. It was the most perfect experience and I just want to share with everyone because I know I can’t be the only girl out there who can’t seem to get their piece right, or to stay in place, or the glue to turn out right. I would recommend Abba Wigs a million times over! Treat yourself or your loved one to the beautiful hair and confidence they deserve! It’s life changing!

Brianne B.
Georgetown, Tx

Five Stars! 

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