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I intended to just visit, preview venue and interview whoever was there and make a future appointment for a "cranial appliance" fitting! And then go on to the next "cranial appliance" venue for preview/interview, however, I was so captivated by the ambiance and soothing, gracious, classy decor at Abba that I stayed and stayed! Brenda, Sal, and Bonnie are warm, welcoming, very professional talented in their areas of expertise!
I ended up being here an hour and a half and received exquisite attention and left with stunning hair prosthesis (wig). As part of the purchase price I was carefully evaluated, provided multiple selections, then upon selection, hair was styled magnificently to my face. This was a remarkable memorably experience! Sal listened carefully to my hopes and expectations, provided multiple choices, and along with my husband who was present, ultimately supported and guided me to the perfect for me selection. Sal then styled my hair perfectly for me! She showed me over and over how to put on and position hair and also provided many wonderful tips and techniques. It was a fun rewarding experience! I have decided they are so exceptional and offer so much talent and multiple pre-, during and post services that I am going to take my hair there once a month for maintenance wash and styling!



ABBA was recommended to me by my wig salon in Houston. They more than lived up to their high recommendation. I was looking to get a new hair piece that had some gray, since my hair is going gray. I do not want to color my hair anymore to match my current hair piece. 
They matched my hair perfectly. I have received so many compliments on how great my hair looks. 
Going gray is not always flattering on every woman, but ABBA has made my transition wonderful. Thanks for the great care.
Ann H.


Chances are if you are wig shopping for real (aka: not a costume party), it is not for a festive reason. Well Bonnie at Abba will make the wig shopping process festive, no matter what the reason you are in for. She is like a one-woman support system, comedy show, and wig expert wrapped together. She remembers every detail of her clients and not only helps locate the perfect wig, but will follow up on surgery and treatment more diligently than your family members. I cannot say enough about wonderful Bonnie has been and how incredible it is to have someone able to lighten the mood with what is already a dreaded process. I would travel from out of state to come to Bonnie- she is one of a kind!

April 2018

I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS PLACE! It was clean and organized and soothing! The girls there were AMAZING! So sweet and helpful and gentle. No sales pitch or pushy attitudes.

They had a huge selection in every style and color and every single wig was amazing. Literally from the box to my head! No plucking, no need to make hair lines, no glue, no tape, no powdering the lace front, no clips digging into your head. I was about to give up on wigs because of all the frustration I was having.

The girls had the most flawless wigs I have seen, felt, and tried on. It was the most perfect experience and I just want to share with everyone because I know I can’t be the only girl out there who can’t seem to get their piece right, or to stay in place, or the glue to turn out right. I would recommend Abba Wigs a million times over! Treat yourself or your loved one to the beautiful hair and confidence they deserve! It’s life changing!

Brianne B.
Georgetown, Tx


What can I say? This place is top notch. After suffering from a considerable amount of hair loss due to Hashimotos and great stress, I was fed up. 
    After researching reviews and testimonials of wig salons in my area, I settled on Abba, as it seemed like the most logical choice that would meet my needs. I drove from San Antonio to Austin to meet with Sal. I expressed to her my concerns and she quickly brought back some toppers for me to try. We tried on a couple and then finally decided on a length. Then we went through and picked a color. I needed a base color so that my hairdresser was able to dye it back at my regular salon. I waited a week and drove back to see and get fitted for my topper. 
   We tried it on and I wanted to cry. I spend so much time trying to cover my thinning hair with headbands, bobby pins and Such, that I couldn't believe how easy this was. Waaaaay too easy. I knew immediately my new topper and I were going to have a wonderful relationship. Sal cut my hair and steamed it out, and showed me how to care for it. She made herself available for any questions should my hairdresser have in regards to coloring it. The entire shop was wonderful, these women really really rock. Please go here if you are looking for hair. 
      I would like to add, it's been 3 weeks since I have gotten my topper. You guys! I will wear this piece even after all my hair grows in. I wore it for 2 days before i finally had to tell my group of girlfriends I was wearing a topper. They couldn't believe it. I wore it around my mom for a week before I finally had to tell her. I get compliments daily on my hair. That is NO lie! My husband was blown away. This is the best investment I have made for myself in a long time!

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